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I took a Digital Marketing course at EDIIFY INSTITUTE. Their guidance helped me gain the confidence to land an internship at IDZ Digital in Mumbai. Now, I work at Amazon.

Sumit Bhattacharya


I have an engineering degree and worked at Here Maps for 2 years before pursuing an MBA in Marketing. I then worked as a Digital Marketing Manager at OfficeBing and currently work as a Marketing Executive at Proteen.

Anuradha Nikam


With a science biotech background, I pursued an MBA in Marketing. EDIIFY’s team was instrumental in my social media marketing work, making me confident. I now work with Pureplay as a Digital Marketing Specialist.

Pranali Shejale


After graduation in Engineering, I turned to Digital Marketing and joined EDIIFY INSTITUTE, where I was inspired to think creatively. Thanks to them, my knowledge surpassed my expectations and I now work for First Economy.

Nikita Dake

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Frequently asked questions

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a type of marketing done on the digital platform (internet). In short term Digital Marketing is  Marketing your product and services through the internet. For the promotion of your brand or business we use different digital channels such as Social Media, Search Engines, Search Engine Marketing and websites to interact with consumers.

Digital Marketing has become a very essential element for every business. Digital Marketing is the same as traditional marketing, only the difference is to convey the marketing message with customers . Digital Marketing is a very huge concept that involves several topics including Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Paid Advertising, and many more.

Scope Of Digital Marketing?

Why Digital Marketing?
Highly demanded in the market. 
Good salary package.
Growing tremendously.
Various career options.
Digital marketing is very trending these days so if you are looking for a career in Digital marketing then surely go for it but to be the best amongst everyone else you should learn about Digital marketing properly and for that join EDIIFY Best Digital Marketing Courses in India.

Now each company wants to promote or sell their business and products through Digital Marketing. That’s why nowadays Digital marketers are in demand.

Who Can Learn Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing eligibility criteria :
I don’t think there is any eligibility. Anybody can do a EDIIFY Top Digital Marketing course in India. You should just have some basic knowledge of computers. So, there is no age limit and not an exceptional eligibility criteria to learn digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Course in India is  a course that everyone can learn and do. If you like to do it, make a career in it. But still, there are some basic educational qualifications that are needed for one who wants to study this course.

HSC passed students also joined this diploma course.
If you have a completed bachelor’s degree ( from any stream ) 
You need to work on your Communication Skills, Build a Confidence level to face  upcoming digital marketing Strategy.
Digital Marketing is a very dynamic field so you need to be more futuristic in your approach while dealing with any strategies in digital marketing.

EDIIFY Best Digital Marketing Course Online in India always need to have a constant learning attitude and also keep yourself up to date with the latest trends in technology in order to stay ahead of your competition.


About EDIIFY (Top Digital Marketing Course in India)  

To become an expert in digital marketing in India, you need to learn the digital marketing skill from the best institute. So EDIIFY is the Best Digital Marketing Course in India that provides training over real projects So that the student gains real working experience of the industry and additionally offers Online and Offline Courses with adaptable bunch timings and a 100% Placement Guarantee. 

Teaching in EDIIFY Best Digital Marketing Course Online in India is fully Practical. Specifically, the program covers key digital marketing Skills in- depth Website Design, SEO, PPC, Social Media Strategy, web analytics, and much more. 

The importance of digital marketing for companies, businesses is must because it is digital marketing only which makes their products popular in the market and helps them to make themselves stable in the market.

To become a Digital Marketer, you have to first do a digital marketing course which takes you 1 step ahead of becoming a digital marketer. And Digital Marketing EDIIFY, is the Top Digital Marketing Course in India to go with your bright career. It is  one such training institution that we would suggest to you any day over any other institutions. It has free live online demo meetings on the site that anybody can join in and figure out how precisely this would be able to of course be useful for you.

EDIIFY cover up with more than 37+ modules and have an experience of 10+ years in this field. The Faculty of Digital Marketing prof is highly skilled and they use the latest technology and tools according to the demand in the market. This Institute also gives training to students on the live projects by giving them assignments and tasks. 

By the end of this EDIIFY Best Digital Marketing Course Online in India up-skill & standardize the level of training and expertise of digital marketing professionals. We provide hands-on experience to each student, or to We offer a friendly and diverse learning environment with lots of placement support. Both weekday and weekend programmer in Digital Marketing are conducted in our center to improve your current position in the market.

How does the EDIIFY help?

How does the EDIIFY (Best Digital Marketing Course in India) help?
EDIIFY Best Digital Marketing Course Online in India is a well-structured certified course offline and online  to help aspirants reach their career goals.  EDIIFY Top Digital Marketing Course in India one such course where you will get all of this and more. One and one mentorship by industry experts, flexibility to choose the batch as per convenience, career counseling, lifetime access to the course material, placement assistance, and much more. 

This Best Digital Marketing Course Online in India, not only give theoretical knowledge but also explore practical as well as live experience in implementing these skills as well as certifications from industry leaders to add to your skills and experience in your CV  

Learn Digital Marketing Strategy with our Best Digital Marketing Course in India and acquire the in-demand skills and relevant knowledge. 

EDIIFY Digital Marketing Course Fees in India is affordable to you as compared to other Digital Marketing Courses in India. With our Certified Program, you build a career in the marketing industry, and also expand your own business with proper strategy or can assist clients to increase their business, or you also work as a freelancer.

What is the programme Overview of EDIIFY

Master Program in Digital Marketing with Artificial Intelligence
This is a 3 months digital marketing courses called Introduction Marketing Automation  to Develop an in-depth understanding of paid marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO, inbound marketing and Web Analytics. By doing a Master Program in EDIIFY Best Digital Marketing Course online in India you become a pro-digital marketer in this field within 3 months.   


Courses Highlights 

AICPE Approved ( Register under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India ) 
Hand-on-practice on Live Project
100% Guarantee Placements
Certified internship included
37+ Modules
50+ Learning Hours
Interview & Soft Skills Training
Certification Partner

Digital Growth Marketing with Artificial Intelligence

This 6 month Digital Growth Marketing Course Post Graduation Programme goal is to help students prepare  for a career in digital marketing and management positions. The Programme is like an MBA in Digital Marketing Course in India. 

Course Highlights http://ediify.com/digital-growth-marketing-courses-in-india/

AICPE Approved (Register. Under – Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India.)
0% EMI Option Available
Premium Access to 20+ Plugins worth on INR 2 Lacks
6 Months Hand-on Practice on Live Project
67+ Modules
100% Guarantee Placements
100% Learning Hours
Interview and Soft Skills Training 
Certification Partner


Advance Video Course in Digital Marketing 
EDIIFY Top Digital Marketing course in India will transform you into a complete digital marketing expertise in the top digital marketing domain search engine optimization. Social Media, Pay- per- click, conversion optimization, email marketing 

Course Highlights. http://ediify.com/best-online-digital-marketing-courses/

AICPE Approved ( Register. Under- Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India ) 
18+ Modules
Industry Trainer (Amazon)
Hand-on practice on Live Projects
Lifetime Modules Access
11+ Certifications
Lifetime Value

What Modules Will You Learn in EDIIFY?

What Modules Will You Learn in EDIIFY (Best Digital Marketing Course Online in India)? 
Website is one of the important factors that unlock your career in Digital Marketing . It is nothing but the identity of your business or in very simple terms it is digital identity. A website is very important for the success of your business and also in your digital marketing career. 

Power of Website

Website is key factor to practice complete Digital Marketing 
You can become a pro-digital marketer in a very short time.
You can build your own personal brand.
If you have practical knowledge about websites then you can easily crack your interview. 
Own Digital Marketing Agency.


WordPress is a tool where we design our website. WordPress is the very easiest tool for managing our website and the most powerful Website Content Management System in existence today’s Scenario. 

Why we use WordPress for Digital Marketing 

Choice of many people, businesses and organizations because it fulfills their site goals.
Website is easy to learn, practical and convenient especially for start-ups.
Digital Marketing is a Fundamental part of WordPress.
Benefits of WordPress

Customizable Designs
SEO Friendly
Responsive Mobile Sites
High Performance
High Security
Powerful Media Management
Easy and Accessible

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization to practice of increasing the quality  and quantity of the traffic on our website through organic Search Engine results. 

SEO is a very broad concept that how Search Engine Works? How do we rank on the first page of google? 

Likely Customers Obtain the information they want through different methods; the most favored is through Search Engines. 

Think about yourself; how do you read or search about a product you are interested in ? You Google it, don’t you ? Yes, a bulk of possible customers now use Google to locate whatever they want. And also 93% of all online interactions start with a Search Engine. 

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
SEM is a form of Internet Marketing which involves the promotion of our business by increasing the visibility in Google Search pages through paid advertisement. So for ranking our website we pay google for per click . 

When you search your query on search engines like Google, you get some results where “Ad” is written on top of the page  . Those results are the Search Engine Marketing that is a paid result.

Content Marketing 
Content Marketing/ Writing is another significant aspect of digital marketing. Content Marketing is everything that focuses on Creating, publishing, distributing content for targeted audiences online.  Valuable content converting into profitable customers. And also certified content that is helpful for your users. 

Content is king, and will always be. Creation of content like we can create blog, videos, photos, etc. and share it on different platforms for awareness, promotion , lead generation, and for new customers is mainly called Content Marketing. Without a good content strategy you never react to the customers. Thus, you really need to be stronger on this one. 

Social Media Marketing. 
Social Media Marketing use of Social Media Platform to promote a product or services. There are 3.2 billion Social Media users every day. It is a huge platform for people. Among numerous social media platforms, a number of the most important players like Facebook, twitter, instagram etc. play a very important role in promoting your business globally. 

This is perhaps the best way to grab the attention of most of your target audience and reach out to a larger one indeed with Social Media Platform.

E- Mail Marketing. 
Email Marketing is the act of sending a message, typically to a group of people using email. In the broadest sense, every email sent  to a potential or current customer could be considered as E- Mail Marketing. 

E- mail marketing Statistics that is In 2018, at least 281 billion Email were sent and received every day. And the average number of people who open their emails via mobile device is 49%. So it is a very Standard and much- needed approach in the current industry. It helps in maintaining relationships with your customers and gaining their trust. Basically Email Marketing plays an important role in digital marketing. 

Web Analytics.  
Web analytics is the process of analyzing the all over behavior of visitors that visit our website.  In simple words, this component is important where you get the information of your customers and even your competitors for that matter and improve your own websites performance. 

The use of web analytics is said to enable a business to attract more visitors, retain or attract new customers for goods or services, or to increase the dollar volume each customer spends.

Additional Curriculum Provides in EDIIFY

Blogging is nothing but maintaining the blog. We can define blogging as an activity of posting content regularly on the blog, and that content reaches more and more people is an important part of blogging.

When people start following the product posted by that blogger, then the blogger becomes an INFLUENCER. 

Blogging for your website is a must. Through blogs we promote our business and reach potential customers. Blogs always help to gain more trust from the customers or users in the market. Through blog you get to share more content on social platforms also and communicate with your user.  

Affiliate Marketing 
Affiliate Marketing is promoting any product or services and getting commission out of it. In Affiliate marketing, finding a profitable niche should be your first priority. It is very effective for driving online sales. 

Scope of Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate Marketing Industry in India would cross the almost $800 million mark by the year 2025.
Scope of Passive income.
Major of Companies today are dependent on Affiliate Marketing.
Affiliate Marketing is used for commission through your niche. 
Recurring Commissions.


Freelancing is a contract based profession. The person uses his skills, practical knowledge and experience to provide goods or services  to a number of customers. 

Freelancing usually involves jobs that accept or allow  you to work-from-home. 

The benefits being a Freelancer

The Freedom and Flexibility it offers
No more commuting to work every day
A better work- life balance.


Resume Building
EDIIFY Best Digital Marketing Course in India also conducted the lecture on resume building . The most important aspect of a job interview is resume building because it is the first impression the applicants will be creating over the recruiter. 

How do you build a very strong resume? How can you present yourself? How a student can make his/her resume aligned to his/her career goals. This lecture helps you a lot. 

Soft Skill Training
Soft skills have emerged as a tool with enough parts to make a break in a career. Soft skills is a term which includes Commutative Skills, Listening Skill, Team skills, Creativity etc.

Soft Skills are generally gifted and can not be learned from a book but if you really want to ingrained soft Skills in your personality then EDIIFY Digital Marketing Course Fees in India it is very affordable so in that course trainer also guides you and improves your career perspective and also your personality as a whole. 

Mock Interview
Mock Interview is a likely practice interview that serves as a preparation for the real interview. It is mostly conducted by the EDIIFY Top Digital Marketing Course in India to prepare the students for the job interview after the completion of course. 

A Mock Interview helps you learn how to answer difficult questions, develop communication skills, build your confidence and reduce your stress, before an actual job interview.

What is EDIIFY Teaching Faculty Like ?

EDIIFY Best Digital Marketing Course in India has the best faculty and we give you the best knowledge which is currently running in the market. Our team shared a lot of in-depth information in the real time campaign examples which made learning a lot easier with practical training. They are the best in their field to inspire each student to become better in this field . Our professor made sure to get students hands-on-experience with practical assignments and handling real brands. The reason why the trainers are top-notch is that they never stop learning. It is their knowledge and experience that they share with the students. They constantly keep track of recent trends and come up with strategies to be the best. This experience not only helps them but also the students learning from them.

Our trainers are also the ones who have dealt with numerous domestic and international clients. They have clear insight to the Digital Marketing Courses in India  Era and hence are the best in business. And we provide our students with their experts who are best in business in this EDIIFY 

All our trainers are trained professionals in SEO, SEM, ORM, Google Analytics and Advertising. And hence students can choose anything they wish to pursue based on their interest.  They will get professional teaching in any of the selected courses. The teaching methods of these professors is a combination of knowledge, practical and corporate experience.

The trainers here are also the one reason behind EDIIFY Best Digital Marketing Course Online in India and its success. They have applied their knowledge and experience to outline the Best Digital Marketing Course in India. 

What is EDIIFY Learning Advantages?

Develop Skills for real career growth because the growth prospects in a career in Digital Marketing courses in India are unparalleled. There is an increasing demand for good digital marketers who understand the various aspects of this profession. EDIIFY learning advantages that develop students’ job-ready skills in this new scenario in the world where the pandemic has taken place, we can expect how people will make their business more dependent on the internet. So EDIIFY Top Digital Marketing Course in India is very useful because they also provide

Industry Mentorship
Industry Trainer
Practical Training
Placement Assistance

Does EDIIFY Provide Certifications?

Certificates are certainly important for a stable and successful career in digital marketing. There are several certification courses in India but EDIIFY Best Digital Marketing Courses Online India which are consistently performing good. AICPE approval (Registered under Ministry of Corporate Affairs Govt. of India.) is a solid plus for the student in their career.

The EDIIFY Top digital Marketing Course in India certifications allows students to work on live projects and gain complete practical exposure of the working culture of an organization. 

The knowledge and skills you’ve gained working on projects, simulations, and case studies will set you ahead of competition.

How Many Certifications does EDIIFY Provides? 

These Certification are important

Google Search Advertising Certification
Google Display Advertising Certification
Google Fundamental Certification
Google Mobile Ads Certification
Google Shopping Ads Certification
Google Analytics Certification
Bing Ads Certification
Facebook Blueprint Certification

Does the EDIIFY Provide 100% Placement Assistance after Completing?

Yes, definitely now each digital marketing courses provides a placement. But that depends on the institute. Which institute you have chosen for your digital marketing. So EDIIFY is the Top Digital Marketing Course in India that provides 100% placement for each student after completion of the course. 

Once you are done with all the tasks given by the Trainer and then Completion of the course Certification, you can apply for the placement. EDIIFY Digital Marketing Course Fees in India is affordable to you so overall in that course not only provides placement assistance, but it helps you to develop your digital marketing skills, soft skills, and also improve your resume building by giving live case study and internship with corporates. So that you can have overall  practical knowledge about digital marketing .

Student Journey at EDIIFY

Sumit Bhattachary (Adding amazon to my success through EDIIFFY Best Digital Marketing Course Online in India. 
After completing my Digital Marketing Course at EDIIFY Digital Marketing Institute, I started working as a Digital Marketing intern, at IDZ Digital in Mumbai.

As I was more inclined towards ASO, SEO, I started taking up freelancing projects for clients based in American and  Australian countries. This job boosted my confidence in the Digital Marketing field, and also there was constant guidance from the EDIIFY team.

And finally I landed up with one of the biggest companies in the world i.e. Amazon, I still accept freelancing projects while also working full time with Amazon. 

Nikita dake
After completing my graduation in Engineering, I decided to enhance my career and started getting interested in Digital Marketing. After joining EDIIFY Best Digital Marketing Course Online in India, I was encouraged to think out of the box. Also gained a certificate and new skills, which led directly to an employment opportunity. I’m currently working for First Economy. 

I would like to thank EDIIFY INSTITUTE for building my Digital marketing knowledge far more than what I expected. 

Pranali Shejale
Having an educational background in science biotechnology, what was the next option available for me…MBA? Right?

I decided to pursue my MBA in Marketing and during which I wanted to niche down a specific section of Marketing & Social media marketing became my go to field.

EDIIFY’s team has always been a pillar for all my social media marketing work. Practical approach made me more accurate and confident in my work.

Well!! Currently I’m working with Pure Play (Plum & PHY) as Digital Marketing Specialist.

Anuj Soni
I am working as a manager with Future Group, however, I wasn’t satisfied with my growth there, so I decided to look for a way to upgrade my skills in the same company and have a better position.

After searching online courses, I found EDIIFY INSTITUTE and saw they are providing Digital Marketing Course. After joining the course I have gained lots of extensive knowledge.

This made me confident and it helped me for my promotion. I would wholeheartedly recommend EDIIFY INSTITUTE.

Pallavi Patil 
I was into news anchoring and getting happily ahead with my career but suddenly my world turned upside down by the Covid-19 pandemic.

During the lockdown period, I had developed an interest in Digital Marketing and came across EDIIFY INSTITUTE and enquired about upcoming opportunities in Digital Marketing.

EDIIFY INSTITUTE, was the right place for me to improve my Digital Marketing skills and accelerate my career. Now I am working for Education Street.

What is the Salary of Digital Marketing after completing EDIIFY Course?

Digital Marketing Manager
Average Digital Marketing Executive Salary in India : Rs.8,35,000 (5-9 years of experience)

Digital Marketing Fresher’s
Average Digital Marketing Salary of fresher’s in India: Rs. 3,67,503 (1-4 years of experience)

Content Marketing Executive
Content Marketing Executive Salary in India: Rs. 2,00,000 – Rs. 4,00,00 (0- 3 years of experience) 

Digital Marketing Specialist 
Average Digital Marketing Specialist Salary in India: Rs. 4,86,053

SEO Specialist 
SEO Specialist Salary in India: Rs. 2,20,00 (1-2years of experience)

Social Media Marketing Specialist 
SMM Specialist Salary in India: Rs. 1,50,000 – Rs. 3,50,00 (0-3 years of experience)

What is Importance and benefits of Digital Marketing Course?

There are a lot of benefits of Digital Marketing Courses in India in current scenarios because it is a very fast growing industry in India. There is a very high salary in digital marketing. With a job,  you can  earn as a freelancer in Digital Marketing. There are very high salary  jobs available  in digital marketing. Today, digital marketing is needed for every business, because everyone wants to promote themselves digitally. Digital Marketing has become very popular so there is some benefits of Digital Marketing: 

You can go through a job
You can also go through Freelancing
You can become an Entrepreneur
You can Start your own Business or brand
You can earn money by Affiliate Marketing.

Is it worth taking a Digital Marketing Course?

Of course once you have decided that you want to learn Digital Marketing then it has opened many opportunities for you. For this EDIIFY Best Digital Marketing Course Online in India helps  out to reach your goal. Nowadays people in different fields want to learn digital marketing because they know there will be too much future dependency on this field. 

This EDIIFY Top Digital Marketing Course in India provides a platform to execute all the digital marketing concepts and strategies over live projects. 

Types of Jobs Available after Completing Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing is all about promoting business online. There are various types of profiles and the most prominent ones are . 

Web Analytics Expert
Inbound Marketing Manager
Website Content Writers
E-mail Marketing Executive 
CPM Manager 
SEO Specialist 
Search Engine Marketing Specialist 
Affiliate Marketer

How Difficult is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing courses are not easy to learn . This is a very challenging field with a lot of practice and also you have experience to become a successful digital marketer. In this field you have more focus on practical knowledge like 80% practical knowledge and 10%  theoretical knowledge. This field is very vast and students have to learn all kinds of things like website designing, search engine optimization. When you study digital marketing you become more active and update yourself day by day.  

How do I select the Best Digital Marketing Course for myself?

Firstly you have to understand your preference and also your requirements. Because people join digital marketing courses to improve their skills or for the job. Then secondly go through institute background research. Thirdly, know the quality of institute training and also ensure that the institute has the best faculty. If you have completed your graduation then you will join EDIIFY 6 months course Digital Growth Marketing with Artificial Intelligence. And for the College Students and Working profession then you can option for EDIIFY 3 months Master Course in Digital Marketing. 

Where is EDIIFY Campus ?

EDIIFY Best Digital Marketing Course in India has campuses in Navi Mumbai and Thane. This EDIIFY Campus is 5 minutes walking distance from the local railway stations.