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Highlights of Digital Marketing Courses in Navi Mumbai

This digital marketing course in Navi Mumbai covers 8 domains: SEO, social media, PPC, conversion optimization, digital analytics, content, mobile, and email marketing.

240+ Hours Training

100% Interview Training

Live Projects Practice

100% 1 Month Internship

Marketing Automation

80+ Modules with AI


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Advanced Digital Marketing Courses in Navi Mumbai Curriculum

EDIIFY’s Digital Marketing Course in Navi Mumbai provides hands-on experience and in-depth training on Google Analytics. Interacting with EDIIFY clients offers insight into today’s digital marketing landscape.

Facebook  Ads

Facebook Ads

Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads

Youtube Ads

Youtube Ads







Chat GPT

Chat GPT



Our Alumni Work At

Be associated with EDIIFY Best Digital Marketing course in Navi Mumbai, Vashi Alumnus, who works at Top Companies and agencies from all over India.

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I took a Digital Marketing course at EDIIFY INSTITUTE. Their guidance helped me gain the confidence to land an internship at IDZ Digital in Mumbai. Now, I work at Amazon.

Sumit Bhattacharya


I have an engineering degree and worked at Here Maps for 2 years before pursuing an MBA in Marketing. I then worked as a Digital Marketing Manager at OfficeBing and currently work as a Marketing Executive at Proteen.

Anuradha Nikam


With a science biotech background, I pursued an MBA in Marketing. EDIIFY’s team was instrumental in my social media marketing work, making me confident. I now work with Pureplay as a Digital Marketing Specialist.

Pranali Shejale


After graduation in Engineering, I turned to Digital Marketing and joined EDIIFY INSTITUTE, where I was inspired to think creatively. Thanks to them, my knowledge surpassed my expectations and I now work for First Economy.

Nikita Dake

Hear it from our Alumni

4.8 out of 5 stars from 8.6k reviews

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Tools We Master You

Get Ahead with Ediify’s Master Certificate

Our Masters program is exhaustive and this certificate is proof that you have taken a big leap in mastering the domain.The knowledge and skills you’ve gained working on projects, simulations, case studies will set you ahead of competition.

Faculty and Mentors

Sudhir Chaurasiya

Sudhir Chaurasiya

Co-founder at EDIIFY | Ex. Latest News Suno

Roshan NANE

Roshan NANE

Co-founder at EDIIFY | Ex. Cashaa

Rahul Cahurasiya

Rahul Cahurasiya

Brand Solutions & Digital Marketing at Halcyon Media | Ex. Vasan Eye Care, Wockhardt

Shubham Chourey

Shubham Chourey

Marketing Lead at ICICI Bank | Ex. SUN PHARMA

Sumit Bhattacharya

Sumit Bhattacharya

Currenty working at Amazon | Ex. IDZ Digital | EDIIFY Alumni 2018-19 Batch

Purnima Das

Purnima Das

Currenty working at Media.net | Ex. Zomato | EDIIFY Alumni 2018-19 Batch


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a type of marketing done on the digital platform (internet). In short term Digital Marketing is  Marketing your product and services through the internet. For the promotion of your brand or business we use different digital channels such as Social Media, Search Engines, Search Engine Marketing and websites to interact with consumers.

Digital Marketing has become a very essential element for every business. Digital Marketing is the same as traditional marketing, only the difference is to convey the marketing message with customers . Digital Marketing is a very huge concept that involves several topics including Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Paid Advertising, and many more. 

Who Can Learn Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing courses fees & Eligibility criteria:

1-You need to have a completed bachelor’s degree (from any stream) or 12th Pass

2-You also need to work on your analytical skills, communication skills, persuasion skills etc.

Also for that very reason, you need to have a constant learning attitude and keep yourself abreast of the latest trends in the technology in order to stay ahead of your competition.

Does EDIIFY Provide Certifications?

Certificates are certainly important for a stable and successful career in digital marketing. There are several certification courses in India but EDIIFY Best Digital Marketing Courses Navi Mumbai, Vashi which are consistently performing good. AICPE approval (Registered under Ministry of Corporate Affairs Govt. of India.) is a solid plus for the student in their career.

The EDIIFY Top digital Marketing Course in Navi Mumbai, Vashi certifications allows students to work on live projects and gain complete practical exposure of the working culture of an organization. 

The knowledge and skills you’ve gained working on projects, simulations, and case studies will set you ahead of competition.

How Many Certifications does EDIIFY Provides? 

These Certification are important :

Google Search Advertising Certification
Google Display Advertising Certification
Google Fundamental Certification
Google Mobile Ads Certification
Google Shopping Ads Certification
Google Analytics Certification
Bing Ads Certification

Is it worth taking a Digital Marketing Courses?

Indeed, Digital Marketing merits taking up for what it’s worth in the pattern and one of the quickest developing profession decisions as this course has more open doors in the present and up and coming situation. Digital Marketing  benefits each client to overhaul their items/benefits and advance them in the advanced stage.

The course has alternatives to pick in what ways you need to work all through and one can even pick the entire Digital Marketing course and its best purpose is that it doesn’t require some investment to finish the course, max to 3 months is sufficient and one can go after positions directly after the courses completion. The Traditional Marketer can likewise take up this courses and improve their insight to another level. These Traditional Marketers have an or more point that they definitely know the Marketing  methodologies just they need to become familiar with the online systems to overhaul themselves in the advanced stages.

These days individuals are highly connected with online life stages like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so forth. In the event that the advancements are done here, the reaction will be vastly improved. With the goal that’s the way Digital Marketing comes into the situation.

Similarly, there are some various zones of advanced Digital Marketing(Digital Marketing Training Courses) :

Search engine optimization
Social media Marketing
Pay Per Click Marketing
Affiliate marketing
Email marketing
Content marketing
Mobile marketing
Online Reputation Management

Why Digital Marketing?

The demand for Digital Marketing Professionals is on the peak in the current market. Jobs in Digital Marketing increases by 300% every year. The market, on the other hand, creates the demand for “skilled” Digital Marketing Professionals. This is it that makes EDIIFY to furnish its students and make them market-ready with the Best Digital Marketing Course in Navi Mumbai, Vashi. 

Digital Marketing Course is the collection of components and functions consisting of it. Our Digital Marketing Institute in vashi and its team ensures that they deliver all the components of Digital Marketing Courses with utter responsibility.

One of the biggest assets of our institute is its trainers. EDIIFY being the fastest growing Digital Marketing Institute in vashi has a skilled team of trained professionals to provide the Best Digital Marketing Course in Navi Mumbai, Vashi.

Reason why you should select EDIIFY?

 EDIIFY offers the “finest” and Digital Marketing courses in Vasai. Do you know what makes EDIIFY the Best Digital Marketing Classes in Navi Mumbai, Vashi?

It is the prime and enthusiastic team of EDIIFY that presents the Digital Marketing Course in Vasai training with such efficiency that it stands out to be the prominent provider of Digital Marketing courses in Navi Mumbai, Vashi.

The Digital Marketing courses in Vashi offered by EDIIFY allows its learners to take hands-on experience along with Digital Marketing training. Throughout the course, our team guides the students to understand the in-depth detail about the google analytics course.  Along with this, the students get the opportunity to interact with the clients of EDIIFY to get to know about the Digital Marketing environment in the current market.

What Modules Will You Learn in EDIIFY?


Website is one of the important factors that unlock your career in Digital Marketing . It is nothing but the identity of your business or in very simple terms it is digital identity. A website is very important for the success of your business and also in your digital marketing career. EDIIFY Digital Marketing Course Training in Navi Mumbai in this course you work on live websites 


Power of Website

Website is key factor to practice complete Digital Marketing 
You can become a pro-digital marketer in a very short time.
You can build your own personal brand.
If you have practical knowledge about websites then you can easily crack your interview. 
Own Digital Marketing Agency.


WordPress is a tool where we design our website. WordPress is the very easiest tool for managing our website and the most powerful Website Content Management System in existence today’s Scenario. EDIIFY Best Digital Marketing Course in Navi Mumbai Provides all Practical Knowledge about WordPress. Students Practically develop their skills by doing tasks. 

Why we use WordPress for Digital Marketing 

Choice of many people, businesses and organizations because it fulfills their site goals.
Website is easy to learn, practical and convenient especially for start-ups.
Digital Marketing is a Fundamental part of WordPress.

Benefits of WordPress

Customizable Designs
SEO Friendly
Responsive Mobile Sites
High Performance
High Security
Powerful Media Management
Easy and Accessible

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization to practice of increasing the quality and quantity of the traffic on our website through organic Search Engine results. 


SEO is a very broad concept that how Search Engine Works? How do we rank on the first page of google? 


Likely Customers Obtain the information they want through different methods; the most favored is through Search Engines.


Think about yourself; how do you read or search about a product you are interested in ? You Google it, don’t you ? Yes, a bulk of possible customers now use Google to locate whatever they want. And also 93% of all online interactions start with a Search Engine. So if you are interested in SEO then join our Digital Marketing Course Training in Navi Mumbai, Vashi. 





SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

SEM is a form of Internet Marketing which involves the promotion of our business by increasing the visibility in Google Search pages through paid advertisement. So for ranking our website we pay google for per click. 

When you search your query on search engines like Google, you get some results where “Ad” is written on top of the page. Those results are the Search Engine Marketing that is a paid result. SEM is Interesting Module if you practice. So here EDIIFY Digital Marketing Institute in Navi Mumbai, Vashi guides you practically and also you work on live campaigns .


Content Marketing 

Content Marketing/ Writing is another significant aspect of digital marketing. Content Marketing is everything that focuses on Creating, publishing, distributing content for targeted audiences online.  Valuable content converting into profitable customers. And also certified content that is helpful for your users. 


Content is king, and will always be. Creation of content like we can create blog, videos, photos, etc and share it on different platforms for awareness, promotion , lead generation, and for new customers is mainly called Content Marketing. Without a good content strategy you never react to the customers. Thus, you really need to be stronger on this one.  Content Marketing is not easy. You have to focus on keywords, Plagiarism, so EDIIFY Digital Marketing Courses in Navi Mumbai with Placement gives you theoretical knowledge and also 80% practical knowledge with our assignment and tasks. 


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing use of Social Media Platform to promote a product or services. There are 3.2 billion Social Media users every day. It is a huge platform for people. Among numerous social media platforms, a number of the most important players like Facebook, twitter, instagram etc. play a very important role in promoting your business globally. 

This is perhaps the best way to grab the attention of most of your target audience and reach out to a larger one indeed with Social Media Platform. 



E- Mail Marketing

Email Marketing is the act of sending a message, typically to a group of people using email. In the broadest sense, every email sent  to a potential or current customer could be considered as E- Mail Marketing. 

E- mail marketing Statistics that is In 2018, at least 281 billion Email were sent and received every day. And the average number of people who open their emails via mobile device is 49%. So it is a very Standard and much- needed approach in the current industry. It helps in maintaining relationships with your customers and gaining their trust. Basically Email Marketing plays an important role in digital marketing.  


Web Analytics

Web analytics is the process of analyzing the all over behavior of visitors that visit our website.  In simple words, this component is important where you get the information of your customers and even your competitors for that matter and improve your own websites performance. 

The use of web analytics is said to enable a business to attract more visitors, retain or attract new customers for goods or services, or to increase the dollar volume each customer spends. 



Blogging is nothing but maintaining the blog. We can define blogging as an activity of posting content regularly on the blog, and that content reaches more and more people is an important part of blogging.

When people start following the product posted by that blogger, then the blogger becomes an INFLUENCER. 

Blogging for your website is a must. Through blogs we promote our business and reach potential customers. Blogs always help to gain more trust from the customers or users in the market. Through blog you get to share more content on social platforms also and communicate with your user.  Overall Idea about the blogging that provides by the EDIIFY Digital Marketing Institute in Navi Mumbai

Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate Marketing is promoting any product or services and getting commission out of it. In Affiliate marketing, finding a profitable niche should be your first priority. It is very effective for driving online sales. 

Scope of Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate Marketing Industry in India would cross the almost $800 million mark by the year 2025.
Scope of Passive income.
Major of Companies today are dependent on Affiliate Marketing.
Affiliate Marketing is used for commission through your niche. 
Recurring Commissions.


Freelancing is a contract based profession. The person uses his skills, practical knowledge and experience to provide goods or services  to a number of customers. 

Freelancing usually involves jobs that accept or allow  you to work-from-home. 

The benefits being a Freelancer

The Freedom and Flexibility it offers
No more commuting to work every day
A better work- life balance.


Resume Building

EDIIFY Digital Marketing Course in Navi Mumbai also conducted the lecture on resume building . The most important aspect of a job interview is resume building because it is the first impression the applicants will be creating over the recruiter. 

How do you build a very strong resume? How can you present yourself? How a student can make his/her resume aligned to his/her career goals. For this Digital Marketing Course Training in Navi Mumbai helps you to build a strong resume for your job. 

Soft Skill Training

Soft skills have emerged as a tool with enough parts to make a break in a career. Soft skills is a term which includes Commutative Skills, Listening Skill, Team skills, Creativity etc.

Soft Skills are generally gifted and can not be learned from a book but if you really want to ingrained soft Skills in your personality then EDIIFY Digital Marketing Course Fees in Thane it is very affordable so in that course Digital Marketing Institute in Thane, EDIIFY trainer also guides you and improves your career perspective and also your personality as a whole. 

Mock Interview

Mock Interview is a likely practice interview that serves as a preparation for the real interview. It is mostly conducted by the EDIIFY Best Digital Marketing Courses in Thane to prepare the students for the job interview after the completion of course. 

A Mock Interview helps you learn how to answer difficult questions, develop communication skills, build your confidence and reduce your stress, before an actual job interview. So this Mock Interview Practice provide in our Digital Marketing Courses in Navi Mumbai with Placement.

Student Journey at EDIIFY

Sumit Bhattachary

Adding amazon to my success through EDIIFY Digital Marketing Institute in Navi Mumbai. After completing my Digital Marketing Course at EDIIFY Best Digital Marketing Courses in Navi Mumbai Institute, I started working as a Digital Marketing intern, at IDZ Digital in Mumbai.

As I was more inclined towards ASO, SEO, I started taking up freelancing projects for clients based in American and  Australian countries. This job boosted my confidence in the Digital Marketing field, and also there was constant guidance from the EDIIFY team.

And finally I landed up with one of the biggest companies in the world i.e Amazon, I still accept freelancing projects while also working full time with Amazon. 

Nikita dake

After completing my graduation in Engineering, I decided to enhance my career and started getting interested in Digital Marketing. After joining EDIIFY Digital Marketing Courses in Navi Mumbai with Placement, I was encouraged to think out of the box. Also gained a certificate and new skills, which led directly to an employment opportunity. I’m currently working for First Economy. 

I would like to thank EDIIFY Digital Marketing Course Training in Thane  for building my Digital marketing knowledge far more than what I expected. 


Pranali Shejale

Having an educational background in science biotechnology, what was the next option available for me…MBA? Right?

I decided to pursue my MBA in Marketing and during which I wanted to niche down a specific section of Marketing & Social media marketing became my go to field.

EDIIFY Best Digital Marketing Courses in Thane team has always been a pillar for all my social media marketing work. Practical approach made me more accurate and confident in my work.

Well!! Currently I’m working with Pure Play (Plum & PHY) as Digital Marketing Specialist.

Anuj Soni

I was working as a manager with Future Group, however, I wasn’t satisfied with my growth there, so I decided to look for a way to upgrade my skills in the same company and have a better position.

After searching online courses, I found EDIIFY Digital Marketing Courses in Thane with Placement and saw they are providing Digital Marketing Course. After joining the course I have gained lots of extensive knowledge.

This made me confident and it helped me for my promotion. I would wholeheartedly recommend EDIIFY Digital Marketing Institute in Thane. 


Pallavi Patil 

I was into news anchoring and getting happily ahead with my career but suddenly my world turned upside down by the Covid-19 pandemic.

During the lockdown period, I had developed an interest in Digital Marketing and came across EDIIFY Digital Marketing Courses in Navi Mumbai with Placement and enquired about upcoming opportunities in Digital Marketing.

EDIIFY is the Best Digital Marketing Courses in Navi Mumbai was the right place for me to improve my Digital Marketing skills and accelerate my career. Now I am working for Education Street.


To become an expert in digital marketing in India, you need to learn the digital marketing skill from the best institute. So EDIIFY is the Best Digital Marketing Courses in Navi Mumbai that provides training over real projects So that the student gains real working experience of the industry and additionally offers Online and Offline Courses with adaptable bunch timings and This Digital Marketing Institute in Navi Mumbai gives you 100% Placement Guarantee. 

Teaching in EDIIFY Digital Marketing Course Training in Navi Mumbai is fully Practical. Specifically, the program covers key digital marketing Skills in- depth Like Website Design, SEO, PPC, Social Media Strategy, web analytics, and much more. So here Digital Marketing Courses in Navi Mumbai with Placement gives you additional knowledge of each topic and that is more important. 

The importance of digital marketing for companies, businesses is must because it is digital marketing only which makes their products popular in the market and helps them to make themselves stable in the market.

To become a Digital Marketer, you have to first do a digital marketing course which takes you one step ahead of becoming a digital marketer. And Digital Marketing EDIIFY, is the Best Digital Marketing Courses in Navi Mumbai to go with your bright career. This Digital Marketing Institute in Navi Mumbai is one such training institution that we would suggest to you any day over any other institutions. It has free live online demo meetings on the site that anybody can join in and figure out how precisely this EDIIFY Best Digital Marketing Courses in Navi Mumbai is useful for you too. 

It covers up with more than 100+ modules and has an experience of 10+ years in this field. The Faculty of Digital Marketing prof is highly skilled and they use the latest technology and tools according to the demand in the market. This EDIIFY Digital Marketing Course Training in Navi Mumbai also gives training to students on the live projects by giving them assignments and tasks. 

By the end of this Digital Marketing Institute in Thane up-skill & standardize the level of training and expertise of digital marketing professionals. We provide hands-on experience to each student, or to We offer a friendly and diverse learning environment with lots of placement support. Both weekday and weekend program in Digital Marketing are conducted in our India center to improve your current position in the market. If you will search for a job in digital marketing then join our Digital Marketing Courses in Thane with Placement. This institute provides MBA level digital marketing course for bright careers.

Other FAQ

Digital Marketing Course in Navi Mumbai

Are you looking for a digital marketing course in Navi Mumbai? If so, you have come to the right place! Navi Mumbai is home to a variety of digital marketing courses that can help you learn the latest trends and techniques in the industry. Whether you are looking to become a digital marketing expert or just want to brush up on your skills, you can find the perfect course for your needs.

Some of the most popular digital marketing courses in Navi Mumbai include:

1. Digital Marketing Basics: This course introduces the fundamentals of digital marketing, including concepts such as search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, social media marketing, and more.

2. Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies: This course delves deeper into digital marketing strategies and covers topics such as search engine marketing, email marketing, display advertising, and more.

3. Digital Content Creation: This course teaches you how to create engaging digital content that can help you reach your target audience and build a strong brand.

4. Social Media Marketing: This course provides a comprehensive overview of the various social media platforms, including best practices for managing your social media accounts, creating content, and more.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced digital marketer, you can find a course in Navi Mumbai that can help you become an industry expert. With the right course and a little dedication, you can build the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the digital marketing world.


Digital Marketing course fees in Navi Mumbai

Navi Mumbai offers a wide variety of digital marketing courses with varied fees. The fees range from a few thousand rupees to more than one lakh rupees, depending on the duration and the type of course. Generally, a basic course in digital marketing lasts for two to three months and the fees can range from ₹4,000 to ₹20,000. For a more comprehensive course, like a diploma in digital marketing, the fees can go up to ₹60,000 – ₹1 lakh. The fees for specialized courses, such as Digital Marketing Analytics & Automation, could go up to ₹2 lakhs.


Digital Marketing Courses in Navi Mumbai with Placement

Are you looking for digital marketing courses in Navi Mumbai that offer guaranteed placements? If so, there are several courses available that can help you reach your goals.

The Digital Marketing Course offered by EDIIFY Training Institute is one of the most popular courses available in Navi Mumbai. The course offers comprehensive training on digital marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and Google Adwords. Participants also gain hands-on experience through various projects, case studies, and internship opportunities. Moreover, the institute offers 100% job placement on successful completion of the course.

The course covers topics like keyword research, email marketing, mobile advertising, Adwords, and more. Furthermore, trainers from the institute have years of experience in the industry, and they help students develop the skills necessary to launch and grow a successful digital marketing career. 


Digital Marketing Courses in Kharghar

Are you looking for digital marketing courses in Kharghar? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Kharghar is a great place to learn digital marketing and there are a number of different courses available. 
From technical courses such as SEO and social media marketing to content creation and digital strategy courses, there is something for everyone. Depending on your skill level and experience, you can choose a course that is best suited for your needs. 

If you are new to digital marketing, then the best option would be to opt for an introductory course to get a good overview of the basics. This will provide you with a fundamental understanding of digital marketing and you can then move onto more advanced topics. 

For those with more experience, more specialized courses are available that focus on specific topics such as paid advertising, analytics, and e-commerce. These courses will help you hone your skills and focus on particular areas of digital marketing. 

Most digital marketing courses in Kharghar are conducted online, so you can work at your own pace and make the most out of the material. Additionally, you will also benefit from experienced instructors who can provide you with tips and guidance throughout the course.

So whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned marketer, there is a digital marketing course in Kharghar that is perfect for you!


Digital Marketing Courses in Nerul

Digital marketing is a great way to grow your business, especially in the Nerul area. With the right platform and strategy, you can easily reach your target audience, increase leads and conversions, and generate more revenue. There are several digital marketing courses available in Nerul that will give you the skills and knowledge to become an expert in the field.

One example of a digital marketing course in Nerul is the EDIIFY. This course is delivered by expert trainers with extensive knowledge and experience in the industry. The course covers topics such as SEO, PPC, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, and more. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to network with other digital marketing professionals, get hands-on experience with various strategies, and gain the skills necessary to develop an effective digital marketing campaign.